Your Sovereignty of Reason is the 7th episode of Season 1 on E! series The Royals.


The king makes a decision that affects the family; Ophelia's PR tour issues.


Eleanor returns from Monaco broken hearted. She tries to find solace in her bodyguard and lover Jasper but finds out that he has been transferred to her mother, Helena. Meanwhile, her brother, Prince Liam, is also dealing with the aftermath of the Monaco trip. Liam has finally sorted out his love triangle and has decided to make his relationship with Ophelia official. Unfortunately, they are welcomed back to London with topless photos of Ophelia after she jokingly took off her top in Monaco. Apart from the topless photo fiasco, footage of Ophelia aiming the Meruvian ceremonial bow and arrow at an oil tycoon has also gone viral. The King of Meruvia is calling for a public apology and Ophelia’s photo has turned into a full-blown Royal scandal.

With everything falling apart in the Royal household, the Alexandra, Grand Duchess of Oxford arrives. She is the Queen’s mother and she has some harsh words for the Queen. She is furious that Helena has made a mess out of things. She reminds Helena of what it took to get her to the crown and what she needs to do to keep it. The Grand Duchess reminds Helena not to let her feelings for her lover Alistair Lacey get in the way of running her empire. Helena feels desperate and tells Cyrus that she thinks that they are now powerless to save the monarchy. Cyrus assures her that there are still things that could be done.Liam eventually tries to sort things out but he is unaware that Simon is already sick and tired of his entire family’s antics.

Simon announces on national television that he has passed the referendum to abolish the Monarchy. He explains that he has not only failed the people of England as their ruler but he has also failed as a husband and as a father considering the way that his entire family is acting up. Once the announcement is made, the King assures the palace staff that they will be taken care of. However, he is shocked to learn that his brother Cyrus has fired Prudence. He goes off the handle and tells both Cyrus and Queen Helena that they have gone too far. He points out Helena’s "lovers" and tells her that he does not want to be her husband a day longer. He also tells Cyrus that he will be stripped of all his titles and lose the position in the monarchy that he loves so much.

Princess Eleanor is devastated by the referendum and speaks to her father. She admits that she has been a disappointment but pleads for him to give Liam another chance. Eventually, Liam also approaches the King and talks to his father and saying that he has failed as a son and heir to the throne. The King softens up a little and invites Liam to the tunnels so that they can sneak out and see the city incognito. The King promises to tell Liam everything that has led him to his decision. At the designated hour of their meeting, Liam gets distracted by Ophelia and arrives late. King Simon takes a walk on his own. Meanwhile, Ophelia is left alone in her room and she spots Cyrus sneaking out of the palace. As the King walks alone outside the palace gates, he is attacked. He stumbles over to the gates and identifies himself to the guards. He ends up sprawled on the steps with blood all over him.


William Moseley as Prince Liam
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
with Vincent Regan as King Simon
and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena

Recurring cast

Ukweli Roach as Marcus Jeffries
Poppy Corby-Tuech as Prudence
Andrew Bicknell as Lucius
Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel
and Joan Collins as Alexandra, Grand Duchess of Oxford


Gabriella Ostier as Esthetician
Martin Richardson as Head Footman
Daniel Crossley as Choreographer

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