Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon is the 5th episode of Season 1 on E! series The Royals.


The annual masquerade ball takes place. The romances involving Queen Helena, Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor come to light.


It's the annual masquerade ball. It starts off in Ophelia's room, Eleanor texts Ophelia for help finding a dress to put on for the ball. Eleanor shows Ophelia her closet and she shows her the dress she has to pick from. While picking dresses, they talk about how Ophelia is into Liam. Eleanor pours some tea and Ophelia thought it was for her but Eleanor gave the tea to Jasper instead, saying that she knows Ophelia would much rather drink coffee. In the next scene Ashok plays with the bow and arrow, that Liam got as a gift. When he's done playing Ashok tells Liam about going to Monaco and how it would be good if Liam goes too. Liam finally agrees to go. Helena decides to go to the spa with Lucius but really she wanted to go meet up with her lover Alistair Lacey. Before the Ball you see Liam and Eleanor in her room hitting the bong. They talk about the queen's entrance and how they should have fun tonight. After Liam leaves Jasper comes in with a tuxedo expecting to be off of work because the princess is going to be in the palace the whole time.

While in the ball Liam stands on top of the stairs looking at Ophelia, they make eye contact but don't say anything. Ashok comes to Liam saying that Ophelia looked hot. They both see Nick Roane come to Ophelia and Nick is speechless on how Ophelia looks. Liam decided to bring Gemma to the ball. As the queen enters Liam and Eleanor decide to mock her, and when the entrance is over they both decide that they need a drink. Helena wasn't planning on staying in the ball, she was planning to meet with Alistair for her date. Back in the ball Ophelia and Nick are standing making small talk. Nick asks Ophelia to dance, while Liam is sitting down talking about taking shots with Ashok and Gemma. Eleanor also asks Jasper to dance, but at first he refuses because he's suppose to be at work. Eleanor flirts with him and puts a mask on his face and forces him to dance. While a slow song is playing Ophelia looks to Liam, and she sees him with Ashok and Gemma having fun. When she looks away you see Liam look to Ophelia and he's sad. When the song ends, Eleanor asks Jasper to come with her, they both leave the ball.

After Ophelia and Nick dance, Liam asks them to come and have a drink with him. They both come, but then Ophelia leaves to talk to Gemma. When she comes back she says that she's not going to drink the champagne because she thinks that Gemma drugged it, So that causes Ophelia to leave again to get another drink. In the next scene, you see Eleanor push Jasper in the tunnel and starts to make out with him. Jasper starts to pull on her hair because she likes it like that, but when he feels that she has too much control, he stops and tells her that this is not what this is, and he said that he controls this and then he leaves. After that, Jasper is on the balcony drinking, and Eleanor walks in to confront him. Jasper tells her that this is not what this is, and she lashes out telling him that this is blackmail. This causes Jasper to say that if she wanted to end this so much then go inside and tell everyone that he is blackmailing her. Jasper forces her inside and on the stage. When she's about to tell everyone that she is being blackmailed, she looks at Jasper and then looks away looking at a women. Instead of her saying that she's being blackmailed, she complains about the shoes that the women is wearing and storms out the room.

Later on in the episode Cyrus decides to put on his own gentlemen club, where he would have the maids stip down to their underwear. Prudence is also their handing out the Viagra. She was about to leave but Cyrus told her to go to his room and wait for him. While in his room Prudence pours wine into two cups. One of the cups, she puts poison in. When Cyrus comes in he tells her about the tasting people, and how he saw her on the security camera. She's about to run but Cyrus grabs her arm and tells her that the punishment for this crime is 10 years in prison, but he's willing to let it slide if she spies on the King. In the next scene you see Liam and Nick on the couch talking about music. They are actually bonding. Gemma comes over, and asks Nick to dance. She does this because she knows that Liam wants to dance with Ophelia and the sooner that Liam realizes that Ophelia is nothing he will come running back to her. The dance with Ophelia didn't end good because she didn't want Nick and Liam bonding, she wanted Liam to say that he didn't like him. In the next scene you see Alistair and Helena cuddling in the room that they had there picnic in. They talk about that if they abolish the monarchy then every night would be like this one, all romantic and etc.

Later on in the episode you see Liam and Gemma dancing, but that didn't go well neither. They both ended up arguing. So Ashok steps in and tries to dance with Gemma. Outside in the balcony Eleanor stands there sad. Jasper comes out to the balcony and asks her to dance, but she refuses, but he forced her to dance also. They talk about the video. Jasper finally tells Eleanor that there is no video, he lied because that night Eleanor was blacked out drunk and threatened to fire him. She got upset and wanted to run away, but he grabbed her arm before she could. He tells her that he doesn't need a video, and that he knows that she likes him and that she likes to be controlled. So he tells her to go upstairs and wait for him. She kisses him after and tells him that she would. Inside you see Ophelia dancing with Nick again, but they end up arguing because she admitted that she liked Liam. When Nick leaves, Liam comes and apologies, he also asks her to come with him to Monaco, and she agrees.

When Jasper goes into the room, he sees Eleanor in bed with her back turned towards him. As he's stripping off, Eleanor turns around and Jasper stops because in reality "Eleanor" was just a body double. Eleanor is really outside getting ready to go to Monaco.


William Moseley as Prince Liam
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
with Vincent Regan as King Simon
and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena

Recurring cast

Sophie Colquhoun as Gemma Kensington
Poppy Corby-Tuech as Prudence
Andrew Bicknell as Lucius

Guest starring

Manpreet Bachu as Ashok
Noah Huntley as Alistair Lacey
Scott Maslen as James Holloway
Tom Ainsley as Nick Roane

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