Robert – I am a King. The King. And the next time you see me, you bow!
Liam – Fuck you
— Brothering

To Show My Duty In Your Coronation is the finale and 10th episode of Season 3 on E! series The Royals.


Liam finds himself in unexpected places; Helena's heart breaks over a recent loss; Jasper makes a final play for Eleanor's heart; historic changes assure that nothing will ever be the same.






Liam, just say it – you wanted me to die on that island so you could be King!
— Robert

While you were hiding on that island, like the damn coward that you are, I was here, watching dad die
— Liam to Robert

Don't you mean letting him die? Or more specifically, letting him get stabbed while you fondled the help
— Robert attacking Liam

I wish you would've done us all a favor and died on that island, you little asshole
— Cyrus to Robert

I hope you're right about Robert. Because he's the only son you're gonna have when this is over
— Liam to Helena


  • The reason that Simon wanted to disband the monarchy is revealed: It was because of Robert
  • Eleanor's never been away from her family for more than two weeks
  • Sebastian informs Eleanor that Robert is the one who invited him to the charity gala; for her
  • Liam goes to the island and discovers that Robert didn't want to come home
  • Len tells Liam she thinks Liam's acting like Cyrus
  • Liam is right, naturally. Robert's been plotting everything since he returned:
    • Robert went to see Kathryn before he returned to the palace and saw her and Liam kissing. He's known about them all along.
    • Robert fires Spencer without talking to Helena because he sensed their romantic relationship
    • Robert reveals to Kathryn that he knew and calls her a whore, telling her he kept seeing her for sex
    • As the final means with which to spite Liam, Robert has put Wilhelmina at the top of his list of women he wishes to marry
    • When Robert found out that Eleanor loves Jasper, he called Jasper's father and offered him money to contact the tabloids
    • He burned the love letter that Jasper never got
  • Liam stops Cyrus from killing himself and asks for his help, presumably in taking down King Evil