The Royals Soundtrack
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 A page dedicated to the music on The Royals

Season 1Edit

Stand and Unfold YourselfEdit

  1. The King of Norway by The Donnies The Amys - Prince Liam and Marcus are at the pub drinking
  2. Drive You Home by The Donnies The Amys - Ophelia walks away from Queen Helena. Liam tries to get info from Marcus and is trying to get him to drink
  3. Always by Panama - The royal family finds out about Prince Robert's death
  4. All I Want by Kodaline - King Simon tells Liam to choose love over duty, Jasper blackmails Eleanor, Liam and Ophelia go on their date, and King Simon and Cyrus are hunting 
  5. Problem by Natalia Kills - Eleanor is partying in Paris, and Liam is hooking up with Ophelia
  6. Byegone by Volcano Choir - The Royal family on the steps, and Liam makes his speech about his brother
  7. Songs About Roses by Owl John - King Simon walks the streets of London, and Ophelia and her father argue about her and Liam getting close 
  8. Rock Bottom by Mickey Avelon - Eleanor, Maribel, and Penelope get high in the thorne room
  9. Wild Country by Wake Owl - Eleanor and Ophelia drink on the balcony, and Ophelia tells her dad she loves him
  10. This City by Kid Karate - Eleanor "talks" to Robert and tells him to look after Liam, Eleanor goes to Paris to party
  11. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones - Liam plays darts in the bar
  12. Just Kids by FURS - Liam asks Ophelia out on a date for coffee
  13. Colour My Heart by Charlotte OC

Infants of the SpringEdit

  1. Death by Diamonds and Pearls by Band of Skulls - Queen Helena shakes hands with her guests, Eleanor lights a maijuana cigarette as she walks down the line of guest, and Liam crowd surfs   
  2. Everthing is New by Slow Club - Liam and Ophelia tell eachother confessions, and Jasper stops Eleanor from hooking up with Andy
  3. Arsonist's Lullabye by Hoizer - End montage (last 7 minutes)
  4. I Told a Lie by The Donnies The Amys 
  5. Tears of Joy by Slow Club - Ashok tells Ophelia that Liam likes her
  6. Boardwalks by Little May - Ophelia breaks things off with Liam
  7. Dust Bowl III by Other Lives - Cyrus lectures Liam in the private tent

We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts Edit

  1. How Low by Against Me! - Cyrus does cocaine, he grabs the sword and heads to King Simon's office
  2.  I Want It All by Jules Larson - Liam is having sex with Tiara but he was thinking of Ophelia, Ophelia is texting Eleanor about Jasper
  3.  Carry On by Brody Dalle - Eleanor convinces Liam to go to the club, they do shots with Gemma
  4. Y by King Bear - Ophelia opens her gift from Nick, Eleanor invites Helena to her fashion show
  5. Warranted Queen by Arum Rae - Gemma and Ophelia talk about Liam, Liam and Ophelia go to the balcony to make small talk
  6.  Speaking of Truth by Laleh - the ending (last 5 minutes)
  7.  More, More, More (Instrumental) [As Featured on "Dance Moms"] by Clooney - Nick tries to help Ophelia escape the paparazzi's but failed
  8.  On the Other Side by The Rocketboys - Nick drops off Ophelia and he tells her that he knows where she lives because he googled her
  9.  Rainy Taxi by Spoon - Eleanor tells Jasper that he's an orphan while they are following Gemma and Liam in the other car
  10.  Spark by Benz - Ophelia walks to the palace after Nick drops her off

Sweet, Not Lasting Edit

  1. Last Vice by Ida Maria - When Eleanor wakes up with the doctor giving her an I.V.
  2.  Milk (Plaintext Kitsuné Mix) by Theme Park - Nick finds Ophelia in the Palace, Eleanor cuts the ribbon, Liam tells Helena to stay away from his personal life
  3. Here with Me by Susie Suh & Robot Koch - Nick asks Ophelia to give him a fair shot, Liam asks for advice from Gemma on how to charm people, Eleanor comes down from her high on E
  4. You Forget So Easily by Exlovers - Nick and Ophelia eating at Francesca's
  5.  Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Liam bonds with a local, Eleanor was about to take drugs but Jasper reminds her about Robert's charity
  6.  An Eye on the Vicious by FURS - They find out that nerve just popped
  7.  Excuse Me by Lemaitre - Nick and Ophelia are dancing, they are about to kiss but Ophelia backs away
  8. Leave the Door Wide Open by Black English - Eleanor tells Jasper to take advantage of her
  9. Puzzle Pieces by Saint Motel - Jasper tries to keep Eleanor in control on the tour
  10.  Moving by Pete and the Pirates - Eleanor complains to Liam about Helena, Ophelia and Nick makes plans for a date
  11. Fill Me Up by The Pow Pow - Eleanor drinks, Liam drinks with everyone at the bar
  12.  Greazy by Aaron Wayne - Ophelia enters Nerve, and Nick explains to Ophelia what nerve is about

Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon Edit

  1. Ex's & Oh's by Elle King - Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam have a chat about why Liam invited both Ophelia and Nick to the party. Jasper walks in and asks if he could have the night off, while Eleanor disagrees.
  2. Complete Surrender by Slow Club - Right after the Queens big entrance
  3. Suffering You, Suffering Me by Slow Club - When Nick and ophelia are talking and start dancing.
  4. Not Mine to Love by Slow Club - The slow song playing when princess Elenor drags Jasper on the dance floor, and while Queen Helena is on her 'date'
  5. Never Look Back by Slow Club - While Nick and Prince Liam are getting to know each other.
  6. Hypnotic by Zella Day - Princess Eleanor and Jasper are in the tunnel together.
  7. Two Cousins by Slow Club
  8. Tears of Joy by Slow Club
  9. Everything Is New by Slow Club
  10. The Queen's Nose by Slow Club - Eleanor and Jasper at the balcony; Queen Helena after the party in the ballroom alone
  11. Safe House by Sofi Sofi - This is the song they play at the end of episode 5, when they drive off!
  12. Up in the Air by Eric & Magill - Opening song.
  13. State of Low by Cajsa Siik - Liam is at the top of the stairs and sees Ophelia at the door for the first time at the masquerade.
  14. Come On Now by Miss Amani

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous FortuneEdit

  1. D.I.Y. by A Band Called Quinn - opening scene
  2. Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me by London Grammar - The King returns from his trip, Liam arrives in Monaco, Eleanor sends Jasper a video
  3. My Type by Saint Motel - Beck shows Eleanor how to place a bet in the casino, Gemma bets Ashok's new car
  4. Heads by Close Talkers - Eleanor walks away from Beck, Eleanor drinks by herself and Liam and Eleanor talk
  5. Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice - Ashok yells at Gemma because she's not helping him get his car back. Liam offers to play darts to win the car back
  6. The Trellis by Nick Mulvey - Eleanor and Gemma have an emotional conversation, and the King sees Jasper walk out of the room
  7. Fever to the Form by Nick Mulvey - Last 4 minutes
  8. Chapel Song by We Are Augustines - Gemma and the girls arrive at the villa and hang out by pool
  9. Heart by Kid Karate - Liam plays dart to win Ashok's car back
  10. Overtime by Seafret - Eleanor gets out of the pool