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Even though Henstridge is their real surname they are often called The Royal Family. The Henstridge are an extremely powerful and rich family who rule over England as their Kings and Queens etc... They also own many important properties in England, making them even more influential.




Helena Henstridge
Helena had already came from a wealthy family however after their family's money began to decrease Helena's parents pressured her into marrying Simon (him being the future 'King of England' at the time). Helena then gained the title of 'Queen of England' after Simon's father had passed away
Grand Duchess Alexandra
When Alexandra's daughter married the future 'King of England' (at the time) Alexandra gained the title, 'Grand Duchess of Oxford'
The Queen Mother
Simon and Cyrus' unnamed mother was believed to be part of the royal family by marriage due to after the passing of her husband she had lost her title thus Simon and her wife becoming the new 'King and Queen of England'
Wilhelmina Henstridge
Willow becomes engaged to King Robert in season 4 and marries him in the season finale, thus becoming a Henstridge and the current Queen of England.


Veruca Popperwell
Due to her marrying the 'Prince of England' (at the time) Cyrus' wife become a 'Princess of England', however after their divorce she lost her title.


The name Henstridge is a very unusual English surname is locational. It originates from the village of Henstridge in the county of Somerset, being first recorded in the area in the year 1608 as shown below. The name translates literally as the ridge where horses were kept, from the olde English pre 7th century word "hyryyg", a ridge, and the later Anglo-Saxon word "hengest", meaning a horse. The actual meaning though, is open to different interpretations. As "Hengest or Hengist" were popular early personal names, this may give an alternative meaning of a village owned by a man called Hengest.

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