Samantha Cook is Jasper's former love and partner in crime from Vegas.

Character Edit

Samantha and Jasper have worked together in the past by pulling cons on people. She is also Eleanor's former girlfriend. Samantha is known as Mandy to everyone except Jasper, who knows all about her past and tries to stop anyone else from finding out. Samantha acts as an American model called Mandy to get close to Eleanor. She is the daughter of the king of the strip in Las Vegas. She and Jasper had a plan/con to steal a royal diamond and sell it to someone. But Jasper backs out of the con because he has fallen love in with Eleanor and doesn't want to hurt her.(He doesn't want Samantha to know that so he plays along with).

And Jasper tries to get Samantha not to go through with the con. When Eleanor gives Samantha (who she calls Mandy) her new diamond earrings from her grandmother to get rid of her, Jasper goes after her to get them back to give to Eleanor and tries to get Samantha to go back to the palace with him, by telling her to tell Eleanor what he really wants to tell Eleanor. But Samantha refuses, kisses him and tells him that he is so screwed as she leaves and never returns.