It’s a dark world out there, Wilhelmina. Perhaps even darker in here. But your goodness is compelling and captivating and so worth protecting.
Robert Henstridge

With all due respect, what Robert thinks of me, how he sees me and how he feels about me, how I feel about myself, that's more important than how all of you feel about me.

I love your son. If I have to be a Queen to be with him, I will, and I'll do the best I can.

Wilhelmina Henstridge

The relationship between King Robert Henstridge and Queen Wilhelmina Henstridge started when they first met after his return from the island in the episode The Counterfeit Presentment Of Two Brothers.

They get engaged in Season 4 and get married in the season finale. With their marriage, Willow becomes the new Queen of England.


Willow and Robert meet for the first time when his mother Helena asks Willow to compile a list of possible candidates to marry him. He is immediately smitten with her. At the end of season 3 Robert rearranges her list of possible brides and future queens of England, putting Willow's name at its top. In season 4, their bond grows stronger, and despite him meeting with many candidates of the list, his first choice is always Willow. She initially refuses to be on it because she wants her marriage to be real, but she slowly comes to realize she's developing feelings for Robert, who is always attentive towards her. She re-enters the list and soon after Robert asks her to marry him. After answering "maybe" and taking some time to think about it, she accepts his proposal. They announce their marriage at the dinner in honor of the Queen's birthday and got engaged. Willow doubted Robert’s motives as king after learning about him disbanding Parliament, stealing Eleanor’s letters, and causing the blackout. She allied with the rest of the Henstridge family and planned to expose Robert during her wedding vows. However, she ended up choosing to marry Robert as she realized she truly loved him.

Season 3 Edit

Willow is asked by Queen Helena Henstridge to compile a list of candidates suitable to become Robert's wife and queen. Willow approaches him and introduces herself, demanding to ask him a few questions that will help her in selecting the candidates. It turns out that she is actually using questions form the sorting test of Pottermore, and after 3 answers, she places him in Gryffindor. He says that it's always better than being an Hufflepuff, and Willow, seemingly hurt, asks him what's wrong with Hufflepuffs. He stutters, thinking he has offended her, but she jokes about it and confesses she's a Ravenclaw. Then she walks away as he observes her, clearly smitten.

In episode ten, she goes to meet him before his coronation, and he tells her he has made some adjustments to her list of potential brides for him, placing them in order of preference. She says why bother going through all of it if his first choice works out, and he agrees. He also asks her to keep the list between themselves until he can speak with his mother. She agrees and leaves. Later, at his coronation, while he walks towards the balcony, they share a knowing look. In her office, Willow opens the envelope containing the list and is shocked to find that Robert has put her name at the top.

Season 4 Edit

The Season 4 Premiere picks up right after Robert's coronation. Robert promptly leaves on his coronation tour. 

When he returns a month later, he finds Willow in front of his newly hung portrait. They greet each other, and Robert tells Willow not to curtsy or call him ‘Your Majesty.’ As Willow is the royal family's social media advisor, she describes the positive reactions he's getting from his tour. Robert asks Willow if there's anything else to go over, and she stutters out a "no." As he leaves, Robert tells Willow he hasn't forgotten that he put her at the top of his

list of potential brides. They agree to discuss it once he’s settled in. 
RW4x01 cap3

Robert and Willow speak after his coronation tour

Later that day, Willow is in Robert's study when Liam comes looking for his brother. Liam wants to talk to Robert about Kathryn. Robert is in a meeting, but before Liam exits, Willow tells him that she is on Robert's list. Liam laughs bitterly and says she's only on the list because Robert wants to take everything from him. Willow doesn't react kindly to being talked about like she's a possession whom Robert is only interested in for revenge, and she storms off.

4x01 1

Robert gives Willow an elephant necklace

2 months later, Willow is

discussing business with Robert in his study. Robert says he bought her a gift, apologizing for having yet to talk about his interest in her. Willow is surprised to see a necklace with an elephant pendant. Robert heard she likes elephants. Willow wonders if Robert finds it strange to pick a wife from a list. Robert likens it to online dating, only more selective. Willow says she doesn’t think she can accept the gift or be on the list. Robert assumes she’s seeing someone. When she says she isn't, he persuades her to have a drink with him soon. Willow then mentions she likes elephants because they are selfless. Robert replies, "Well that is why the lion is the king of the jungle." They agree to one date, and Willow thanks him for the necklace, being sure to call him ‘Your Majesty.’

Another month passes. Liam comes to Willow's office to apologize for what he said several months prior. He tells Willow she's too good for Robert, and describes how Robert dumped Kathryn and called her a whore after she said she loved him. Willow has a hard time believing it, so Liam tells her to ask Robert. "Look him in the eyes when he lies to you," he says. He tells her she has good instincts about people and to trust them.

That same night, Robert visits his mother's room and asks her to start planning his wedding. Robert isn't engaged yet but plans to be. They agree a royal wedding will be good for the country, and Helena says she’ll plan it. 

One day in his office, Willow is showing Robert twitter feedback when a picture of him and Kathryn shows up. Both become uncomfortable, and Willow asks what happened between them. Robert admits that he treated Kathryn reprehensibly, explaining that the thought of coming home to her kept him alive on the island, and he was overcome with jealousy to find her with his brother. He tells Willow he doesn't plan on being that kind of person again.

RW4x01 cap1

Robert opens up to Willow

Willow asks Robert why she's on his list. He says why wouldn't she be? He sees how she manages his family with grace and kindness, which isn't

easy. Robert confesses that it may have been selfish, but putting her on the top of his list was the easiest and most exhilarating thing he's done since returning from the island. He tells Willow that in a dark world, her goodness is compelling, captivating and worth protecting. Taken aback by his sincere words, Willow again agrees to a drink. As she departs, Robert adds her ‘walk’ to his string of compliments. "Don't ruin it," she dryly replies without looking back.

At the end of the episode, Robert is giving a speech in volatile South London when shots are fired.

In episode 2, Robert returns to the palace after his speech in South London. Jasper Frost has been shot and is undergoing surgery.

Robert finds a reeling Helena. Eventually he asks if she and Willow have sorted through his list of potential brides yet. Helena is shocked he'd be thinking of that mere hours after the shooting, but he says the country needs a bright spot right now. Helena says she’ll help Willow with the search.

Robert then speaks with Willow in his office, where they decide on the right social media message for the circumstances. Robert notices Willow is shaking, and Willow wonders how he can be so collected after being shot at. He gives Willow a sip of his whiskey to calm her nerves and jokes that this doesn't count as the drink she promised him. Willow regretfully tells him she's had a change of heart and can't be on his list. She explains that her mother was from an aristocratic family but gave up everything to marry her lowborn father. Willow wants real love like her parents. Robert reveals that he's always known he must marry for duty but in quieter moments hoped for something more. Even though he's disappointed, he wishes the same for Willow. Willow promises to find Robert the perfect queen. Robert leaves for the hospital to check on Jasper, and Willow remains visibly shaken. 

Later that day, Willow is in Helena's room vetting bride candidates. Helena wonders why the list starts at #2. Willow lies, saying it must have been Kathryn. As Willow and Helena continue the search, Helena admits she can't imagine anyone being good enough to replace her as queen. Willow says whomever replaces Helena will have the benefit of her guidance. Helena thanks

Willow for her honesty, and tells her to finish narrowing down the candid
RW4x02 cap2

Going over the finalized list of bride candidates



That evening, Willow and Robert go over the finalized list. Robert says to bring all of the women in to meet him, if interested. Willow assumes they'll all be interested in being the future queen of England. Robert says the best candidate, hinting at Willow herself, isn't interested and must be immune to the glitz and glamour. In response, Willow relates a childhood story of her grandfather giving her a music box with a castle inside. She would stare at it and listen to it play Für Elise, imagining what it’s like to be royal. Willow says no one is completely immune to the draw of the crown. She then asks if Robert is okay, and he admits that the shooting has affected him. He isn't afraid of the bullets, but of not being relevant to his people. He wonders how to prove to them that he cares, and Willow says to tell them what he just told her.

RW4x02 cap1

Willow's music box

The next day, Willow walks into her office to see

a box on her desk. It's another gift from Robert – an egg-shaped music box with a glittering castle inside that can be heard playing "Für Elise." 

4x03 begins with Robert interviewing a number of candidates while strolling the palace grounds. Willow watches from her office window, listening to her music box.

Willow confides in Helena that she was first on Robert's list of potential brides. Helena asks if Liam is the reason she turned Robert down. Willow says Liam never really saw her. Helena admits that being noticed and listened to is important in a relationship. Being with a member of the royal family requires many sacrifices, she says. Willow thanks Helena for her advice.

Robert has lunch with a potential match. As Willow escorts her out, Robert mentions that the press can be brutal. The candidate is then flooded with personal questions by paparazzi at the palace gates, while Willow watches with a smirk. Once the candidate is gone, Willow tells the paparazzi to ‘reset,’ revealing this as a test. Next, Robert meets potential match, Cassandra. She is confident, direct, overtly sexually, and Robert is intrigued. As they watch Cassandra handle the faux paparazzi with ease, Robert tells Willow that they have found a contender. 

Later, Robert, Helena and Willow are reviewing the candidates in Robert's study. Robert describes Cassandra's qualifications to Helena, clearly impressed. Showing a bit of jealousy, Willow says she doesn't trust Cassandra – citing that Cassandra lied about which restaurant has the best Chinese noodles in the city. Robert is confused by Willow's reasoning. Willow explains that Cassandra seems cold and calculating.

Liam then enters to confront Robert. Willow offers to leave,

but Robert insists she stays. Liam
RW4x03 cap1

Robert surprises Willow with dinner

hysterically describes his theory that Robert

paid Ted Pryce to kill Simon and fake his own death. Robert and Helena explain that the payments to Ted were to help him and his daughter Ophelia after his wife's murder. Liam refuses to believe them and is about to shoot Robert when Eleanor enters and knocks him unconscious. Willow offers to call an ambulance; Robert tells her to call James Hill

That evening, Willow visits Robert and the pair discusses Liam's troubling behavior. Robert invites Willow to have dinner with him, unveiling her favorite Chinese noodles mentioned earlier. When Willow wonders how he knew, Robert says, "In case you didn't know, I happen to pay attention to you, Willow." Robert then says to erase the bad day, they should have a good night. Once finished, Willow thanks him and agrees dinner did make the day better. As she's leaving, Willow grabs a fortune

cookie, and they share a smile.
RW4x03 cap2

Willow's fortune

Willow returns to her office and opens the cookie, finding a fortune that says 'You will live happily ever after.'

The episode ends as Robert looks out his office window, counting down to one just as the lights go out across the city of London.

Episode 4 continues on the same night as the previous episode, with all of London facing a blackout. Bridges have been shut down, and South London has started an uprising.

Willow walks in on a conversation between Robert and Eleanor. Robert has volunteered to go looking for Jasper in South London, since he was suppose to be transported back to the palace from the hospital that night. Robert asks Willow to stay with Eleanor and Rosie and keep the palace secure. Willow is concerned about Robert going back to the place where he was nearly killed, but complies.

Willow and Eleanor sit with a scared Sarah Alice and discuss their worry over Jasper and Robert. Sarah Alice notices people lined up outside the palace gates. Against her better judgment, Willow ends up helping Eleanor, Rosie and Sarah Alice get the people into the palace for the night.

Robert finds Jasper's empty ambulance. He then goes to the site of the closed off bridge to South London and gives an impassioned speech about unity. He and the South Londoners cross the bridge and walk through London back to the palace together.

RW4x04 cap2

A relieved Willow hugs Robert

Dawn breaks as Robert returns to the palace with the South

Londoners. Willow rushes outside to greet him. She tells him she's glad he's okay and, overcome with relief, she hugs him. 

Back inside, Willow smiles as she watches Robert's bridge speech from a cell phone. Eleanor notices the look on Willow's face and encourages her to tell Robert how she feels about him. 

Willow walks into Robert’s office. She tells him she'd like to be back on his list. He smiles, asking what took her so long. She explains that while she was inspired by how he handled the blackout, the reason she wants to be considered is because she was worried about him. "I just wanted you to come back, to the palace, to your family me," she says. Robert makes his way across the room to Willow, and as they're about to

kiss, Rachel interrupts with a call from the Prime Minister.
RW4x04 cap1

An almost kiss

Episode 5 takes place in the days following the blackout, with London still recovering.

Willow greets Robert, stating he asked for a social media update. Robert is pleased to hear Willow call him 'Robert' instead of 'Your Majesty.' Willow follows Robert through the palace, while she fills him in on the social media reactions to his blackout response. Willow thinks she overstepped while helping Eleanor, but Robert says she was in the right place. Before Robert leaves for a meeting, he tells Willow he'll find her later and notices she’s wearing the necklace he gave her. Willow smiles to herself but is startled when she finds Cassandra approaching behind her.

Cassandra wants to go over the details of her upcoming second date with Robert. Willow explains that the blackout has forced Robert to postpone. Cassandra then asks Willow to get her some alone time with the King. Willow nearly comes clean and divulges she's now the top candidate herself, but instead says she's his media advisor and friend. Cassandra believes that she and Willow can be allies. If Willow helps her become queen, Cassandra will make her a lady in waiting. Cassandra leaves as quickly as she came, telling a flustered Willow to let Robert know she stopped by.

Robert finds Willow in her office, where she further describes the public’s praise of his relief efforts. Robert asks what she thinks. She thinks he has the power to do so much good. Robert then confesses he didn't need a social media update but wanted a moment alone with Willow. Robert tells Willow he's about to give a speech that will change everything, but he hopes these moments between them never change. Robert asks her to be present during his speech.

Willow watches from behind the cameras in his office while Robert addresses the nation. He quotes her words about his ability to do good. He then states that Parliament's poor response to the blackout has made him decide to invoke his right to temporary dismember the government and become sole leader of the country. 

4x05 5

First kiss

Sometime later, a frenzied Willow is waiting for Robert in

his office. She is overwhelmed by the implications of his decision. Robert calmly hands her a drink and they sit together. Rachel arrives and says several world leaders are waiting to speak with him. He tells Rachel to have them call back. Robert returns his focus to Willow and says he wants her to be close to him during this time. Robert relates that he was taught not to hope for or expect love. It was his duty to pick a suitable choice for a wife, regardless of his feelings. When he was young, he secretly hoped he could have both love and duty, but has since shut down his heart. He tells Willow that being around her has given him hope again. Willow says she believes anything is possible, and they share their first kiss.

Later that day, Robert receives a package from Cassandra. It's a ringing cell phone, and she is on the other end. While on the phone, Robert sees Willow on the television giving a press conference to voice her confidence in him and his decision. Cassandra mentions she hopes their date is rescheduled soon, and she has put some risqué photos on the phone for encouragement. Robert is completely absorbed in Willow and ignores Cassandra. He then tells Cassandra that their date should have been canceled rather than postponed and abruptly hangs up on her. 

RW4x05 cap1

Robert proposes

That night, Willow seeks out

Robert, who is looking pensively out the window of his office. Robert asks if Willow really meant all the kind things she said about him during the press conference. Willow worries she said something wrong. “Those things you say you see in me…I haven’t always been that man. But you make me want to be,” he explains. Robert credits her belief in him as the reason he and Liam had their first civil conversation in months. Robert then apologizes for treating her like any other candidate on a list. They sit at his window seat holding hands. Robert says he was taught not to act on impulse, but he couldn't have gotten through the day without her and doesn't want to go through anymore days without her. He then asks Willow to marry him. 

While in her home that evening, Cassandra watches Willow’s press conference, with anger in her eyes.

In the 6th episode, Willow is in her office holding her music box, when Robert enters. Willow immediately apologizes for answering his proposal with a ‘maybe.’ Robert understands the proposal was sudden and impulsive, but says it felt right and still does. He tells Willow to take her time – he will wait for her. Robert then invites her to be his date for Helena’s birthday dinner that evening. Willow teasingly says ‘maybe’ before accepting. Willow stops Robert as he walks out and thanks him for ‘putting up with her.’ They kiss, and Robert says, “I hope I have to put up with you for the rest of my life.”

RW4x06 cap1

Willow and Robert discuss the proposal

Willow brings Helena a birthday gift as a thank-you for her

kindness. She then asks Helena if, given the chance, she would be queen all over again. Helena says she would.

That night, Willow is in her office getting ready for the birthday dinner. She looks at her fortune and listens to her music box, then takes the fortune and puts it in her purse. She takes a deep breath as she looks in the mirror, then moves to gaze out the window and a smile spreads across her face.

Robert and Willow meet in the dining room. Willow asks Robert to speak privately before dinner. When they return, Liam arrives, surprising everyone with Kathryn as his date. Robert and Willow attempt to hide their discomfort.

Tensions arise at Helena’s birthday dinner, culminating in Helena tossing a glass of red wine at Robert. Disgusted, Robert stands and announces that he and Willow are getting married. Willow shows the engagement

ring she had been strategic hiding all evening. The pair leaves the table in a huff.
Robow4x06 still2

The ring

Willow waits in Robert’s study for him to change his wine-stained clothes. When he returns, she expresses her disappointment in the evening. Robert apologizes for blurting out their plans. He says she has seen the worst of his family, but the two of them will represent the best of it. They head back to the party for some birthday cake.

The family is together again at the dinner table. Helena and Liam both give heartfelt speeches and welcome Willow to the family.

Robert sees Kathryn in the hallway as she’s leaving. He apologizes for the way he treated her when they were together, and says he’s glad she came tonight.

At the end of the night, Robert opens the door to his study, expecting to see Willow but finding a scantily clad Cassandra instead. Cassandra wants to know why he picked Willow over her. Unamused, Robert tells her to leave. While she’s dressing, he questions how she knows he chose Willow. Cassandra has noticed all kinds of things about Robert’s life. She mentions his distaste for Jasper, his distance with Liam, and that a girl may be the reason for it. She claims that Willow is playing with his heart, doesn’t love him, and might in fact love Liam. Before exiting, she also claims that some night soon Robert will call on her.

The following week, Episode 7 finds Robert and Willow in bed

after having spent their first night together. Robert
RW4x07 cap1

Morning conversations

jokes that he can't

believe he evened bothered with a list. Willow says she can't believe she said 'maybe' to his proposal. She then gazes at her engagement ring and envisions becoming ‘Wilhelmina Henstridge.’ Robert corrects her by adding 'Her Majesty' to the title. Willow is happy but overwhelmed, saying she needs to get used to one name change at a time. Robert says there isn't time. Helena has just texted him with plans to publicly present them as an engaged couple during the upcoming gala for King Simon’s legacy exhibit. Willow agrees it's a fitting event. They playfully banter about revealing the intimate details of their relationship to the public before another round of lovemaking.

Willow approaches Helena in her bedroom. Helena tells Willow that the royal biographer has finished creating Robert and Willow’s engagement story for the press. Willow thinks the truth of how they fell in love is romantic enough. Helena insists they present more of a fairytale by appealing to Willow’s aristocratic roots. Helena has also chosen an outfit for Willow to wear during the press announcement. Willow would prefer something simpler, but Helena argues the press and people will pick apart everything about her. Willow is upset by their clashing opinions. She wants to know why her things have been removed from her office. Helena says Willow is no longer their social media advisor. Her only job now is to be Robert’s queen.

4x07 1

Introduction to the press

Helena introduces King Robert and Willow to the press as a

betrothed couple. A journalist mentions how quickly the engagement occurred. Robert responds, “Well, when you know, you know. And I know.” Helena begins to tell the manufactured story of their relationship, but when questioned, Willow gives with the truth: she was a palace employee who fell in love with the King. Afterwards, Helena confronts Willow and Robert about going against her advice. Willow believes that times have changed and people want the truth, and Robert backs her up. Insulted, Helena says things may have changed out there, but they haven’t in the world of the royals, and respect and loyalty are important.

Willow rushes to speak with Helena after seeing social media backlash from the engagement announcement. The internet is not treating Willow kindly, flooding the web with unflattering photos and mean-spirited comments about the ‘ordinary girl’, proving Helena’s advice correct. Helena tells Willow to ignore the trolls and move on, but is not so secretly smug about the outcome.

RW4x07 cap2

Robert gives Willow encouragement

Willow and Robert prepare to make their entrance at the

gala. Robert offers to do the talking, but Willow insists she needs to learn to handle the press. Robert tells Willow to be exactly herself, and they enter the event hand-in-hand. They are instantly surrounded with flashing cameras and questions, and Willow freezes. Liam sees Willow struggling and redirects the press’s attention to himself. He introduces Kathryn as his new girlfriend, then describes how Willow is ‘anything but ordinary.’ Willow smiles appreciatively at Liam’s praise, while it appears to get under Robert’s skin. The press then requests a kiss from Liam and Kathryn, then one from Robert and Willow.

Willow thanks Liam for jumping in front of the press. Robert admonishes Liam, saying that this was supposed to be a chance for the people to get to know Willow. Willow says she’s grateful he took away the attention, and animosity brews between brothers again.

Later, Kathryn is tearing up from Eleanor’s speech. Robert comes up to her, and they reminisce. He says he misses her and asks her to come see him later.

Willow walks up to Kathryn at the bar. She insincerely apologizes for being rude to Kathryn at the Helena’s party. Kathryn says she never would have come if she’d known Robert and Willow were announcing their engagement. Willow questions why she’s at this event if that’s true. Kathryn responds that this event isn’t just about Robert and Willow, and she doesn’t want Willow’s spotlight. “No, you just wanted my fiancé,” Willow replies. Kathryn says desire is a two-way street, and walks away just as Liam appears, noticing the tension between the two women. Now angry, Kathryn tells Robert she will meet him privately.

During Jasper’s knighting, Willow attempts to apologize to Helena for going against her recommendations. Helena coldly agrees Willow should have listened and dismisses her.

When Kathryn and Robert have their clandestine meeting, Robert gets Kathryn to confess she still has feelings for him while Liam is watching. Robert has set up Kathryn in order to end their relationship.

Episode 8 centers around the events of Willow and Robert's hen and stag (or bachelorette and bachelor) parties. Several weeks have passed since the happenings of Simon’s legacy event opening gala.

Willow sits before a tribunal, led by Queen Helena, answering historical questions. Willow has been studying Great Britain’s history in order to pass a series of tests and be approved as the future queen.

Willow has little interest in a hen party, as she is too preoccupied with preparing for the final question the next day. After seeing how hard Willow has been working, Eleanor and Helena surprise her with a night of champagne, pampering and a giant chocolate fountain.

Robert uses his stag party, filled with relatives and distant royalty, to discreetly gain support for his plans to dissolve Parliament permanently and enact a system of territorial kings. Liam proves his loyalty to his brother by keeping Cyrus in line.

4x08 2

Cassandra causes trouble

That evening when Willow is getting a massage, she describes

the pressures of being engaged to a king. The masseuse is revealed to be none other than Cassandra. She has slipped into the palace and slipped LSD into the massage oil, intending to leave Willow incapable of passing the final portion of her test the next day.

Eleanor finds Willow just as she collapses in the hallway. Back in Eleanor's room, Helena and Eleanor conclude that Willow is clearly high. They decide Eleanor will keep watch over her until her trip is over. Eleanor spends the evening chasing Willow around the palace and putting out her fires – figuratively and literally.

When the drugs begin to wear off, Willow briefly comes to. She’s distressed to learn she’s on LSD and won’t be fit to complete her questioning in the morning. Eleanor points out that she was never drugged when she was just an employee, and suggests it wouldn’t be so bad if she failed the test and wasn’t queen. Willow says she doesn’t care if she’s queen, but to not marry Robert would be devastating.

Later, while still under the influence, Willow nearly drowns Helena in the chocolate fountain, thinking she’s Cassandra. While Eleanor helps clean her up, Willow asks what the best and worst things about being royal are.

The following morning, Willow feels pessimistic about the final test. Eleanor gives her a sisterly pep talk and dresses her for the tribunal.

Willow sits in front of the committee again, still feeling the aftereffects of the drugs and wearing Eleanor’s edgy clothing. Helena asks Willow the final question: why would she make a great queen? Willow frankly answers she doesn’t know if she will. She says she will do her best to uphold the legacy of the queens before her, but these questions have nothing to do with that. What matters is how Robert feels about her and how she feels about herself, not how they feel about her. Willow tells Helena she loves Robert and will be the best queen she can if that’s what it takes to be with him. Willow dismisses herself, saying it’s been a long night and she misses her fiancé.

RW4x08 cap1

Willow has suspicions

Willow briskly enters Robert’s study. Robert is surprised by

her appearance, surmising Eleanor is responsible her new look. Willow says Cassandra is responsible. She questions why Cassandra continues to pursue Robert. Robert guesses it’s because he’s the king, but Willow thinks there’s more to it. Robert then admits that Cassandra also snuck into the palace on the night of their engagement. Willow is hurt that Robert never told her. She says she wants to believe in him and their relationship, but it isn’t easy. Willow tells Robert not to keep any more secrets. Robert agrees and opens his arms to her, but she walks away, leaving him empty.

The final moments of the episode reveal that Liam and Cyrus have figured out that Robert caused the blackout. Liam has not actually severed ties with Cyrus or Kathryn, as previously thought, and all three are working against the King.

While checking the morning papers in 4x09, Robert sees that Willow has given an interview criticizing the head of London’s power company for the blackout. Robert looks concerned, as this is the man he worked with to orchestrate the blackout.

RW4x09 cap2

A happy moment

Willow’s office is filled with wedding gifts from

well-wishers. When Robert greets her, Willow expresses her surprise and says they should ask for charitable donations instead. Robert says it’s tradition for gifts to be sent and that the people like sending them. Robert brings up Willow’s interview. He says he’d like her to be the softer side of the couple, and let him be political. It sounds to Willow like he’s asking her to ‘stand still and look pretty.’ He tells her to be herself, but uncontroversial. Be the one to give the gifts to charity, Robert says. He jokes about keeping some of the bigger presents, and they laugh and kiss.

Eleanor catches Willow sneaking into her weed stash. The women discuss the problems they’re facing, with Willow concerned that Robert wants her to be seen and not heard. Eleanor says that Robert is under a lot of pressure, but one of the things he loves about Willow is her point of view. Eleanor asks what Willow thinks of the decision to end Parliament permanently. Willow isn’t happy to learn that Robert kept that information from her.

That night, Robert asks to see Liam. Liam worries that Robert has caught on to his betrayal, but is relieved when Robert asks him to be his best man.

The next evening, Willow confronts Robert about hiding his plans from her. Robert says he would have told her eventually, but it’s business and not a personal secret. Willow says she’s his fiancé, and he should share things with her. Robert says he will, but he is the one in charge of the nation and won’t always consult her. Willow says she may not be responsible for the nation, but she’s responsible for their relationship, if they still have one. She doesn’t like being blindsided by secrets. She thought they had the kind of relationship where they wanted to tell each other everything. Robert says they do but reiterates that they aren’t going to be co-kings. He is king and she will be his queen. Willow angrily says he shouldn’t be sure about that, and walks out.

RW4x09 cap1

Robert and Willow make up after their fight

Later that night, Robert calls Willow into his office and

asks for the engagement ring back. Willow hands him the ring, stunned silent. Robert says he made a huge mistake with her but is going to fix it. He gets down on one knee and re-proposes. He says that when he first proposed, he should have told her how much he respects and needs her. He was taught to be solitary in his rule, but that was wrong. Robert says he loves her and will never take her for granted again, asking for forgiveness. Willow tells him to get up – he’s the king, and she doesn’t want or need him to kneel. “We’ll stand together, and we’ll find our way together,” she says. They embrace and he puts the ring back on her finger. Willow says she’s sorry they argued, and she thought she let him down. Robert says she can speak to the press and give all their gifts to charity; they only need each other. He tells her she’s the gift he’s wished for his whole life.

Meanwhile, Helena and Jasper join Liam and Cyrus’s alliance to stage a coup against King Robert. Jasper lets Eleanor in on Robert’s secrets and the team’s plans.

Eleanor meets with Willow, wanting assurance that Robert is the good man she thinks he is. Willow says of course he is, and describes how he proposed to her again. She mentions that Robert said she’s the gift he’s always wished for. Eleanor asks to hear more of the conversation, and Willow hesitantly recalls a romantic speech said off-camera. Eleanor recognizes the words as her own, from the Christmas letter she wrote Jasper, but he never received. Eleanor tells Willow she can’t marry Robert. 

The season 4 finale opens with Willow having a nightmare about the impending wedding. In the dream, she confronts Robert, and he admits to taking the words from Eleanor’s letter. Willow awakens with a start in bed alone. 

RW4x10 cap1

Willow reassures Robert

She finds Robert sitting in his office with a chess set. She

remains in the threshold and hears Robert speaking to the memory of his father. He says that Simon was wrong about him, and he’s much more than Simon thought he could be. Willow walks into Robert’s view. “You know I love you, don’t you?” she asks. “Of course I do,” he replies. Willow then says she needs to talk to him.

The next day, the day before the wedding, Helena meets Willow’s mother, Felicity. Felicity isn’t fond of the royal family, and says she has attempted to convince Willow to reconsider the marriage. It’s discovered that Felicity was friends with the late Dominique Stuart, Helena’s former romantic rival.

In his study, Robert asks if Willow is ready to discuss what was bothering her the night before, implying that she backed out of the conversation. Willow says she knows he caused the blackout. Robert acknowledges that he did and wants to know who told her.  She covers for Eleanor, saying she figured it out when he was upset about her interview criticizing the power company. Robert says Willow knows who he is, but Willow asserts the Robert she knew wouldn’t do something so dangerous. Robert believes what he did will make South London stronger. Willow declares that a government without Parliament is too tyrannical. Robert believes that Parliament is corrupt and greedy, and there should only be one voice, the King’s. Willow doesn’t like what he’s done and that he kept it a secret. She's reconsidering the wedding and needs some time. This wounds Robert, and he lashes out, saying he will make other arrangements, if needed. Willow is appalled and begins to leave. Instantly remorseful, Robert frantically stops her and apologizes. He insists he loves  her and begs her to marry him and let him prove it. Willow warily agrees, and Robert hugs her.

Willow runs to Helena. She says she can’t marry Robert, and he needs to be stopped.

In a meeting with Liam, Helena, Eleanor, Cyrus and Jasper, Willow suggests using the wedding to expose Robert’s misdeeds to the entire world, forcing him to step down. The family questions her ability to betray Robert, but Willow says it needs to be done.

That night, Robert stares contemplatively at the chess set in his office, while Willow does the same with her engagement ring and music box in her office.

The day of the wedding, Cyrus is concerned that the calmness in the palace will raise Robert’s suspicions. Helena starts a fight with Felicity as a distraction, while Robert and Willow watch. Felicity asks Willow if this is the kind of life she wants. Willow replies that ‘this’, referring to the catfight and drama, is not what she signed up for.

Dressed for the wedding, Liam tells Robert it’s nearly time to go to the cathedral. Robert is again playing chess and Liam joins him. They talk about Simon, and why Simon left Robert with the belief that he’d never be a great king. Liam thinks their father was trying to save Robert from his ‘darkness.’ Liam reminds Robert that when he was at his best, no one admired him more than his younger brother did.

Liam leaves the study, and a vision of Simon appears before Robert, playing chess against him. Robert believes that Simon had given up on him, but Simon says he never did and never will. Simon tells Robert he knows where his salvation lies, speaking of Willow. Robert faintly smiles and tells Simon he would have liked her. Simon agrees and says that Willow can save Robert when he loses himself. Robert says he made the choice to be king. Simon contends that he can have love and the crown if he changes. He warns Robert not to diminish Willow’s light. Robert absorbs his father’s words then uses his queen piece to win the chess match. When he looks up, Simon has vanished.

RW4x10 cap2

Robert finds Willow before the wedding

Robert approaches Willow in the cathedral before the

ceremony. He says she looks beautiful, and she sadly responds that he isn’t suppose to see her yet. He tells her they need to talk.

The wedding has begun, and the cathedral is full as Willow walks down the aisle. The vows start with Robert, and he confidently says ‘I do.’ The family watches anxiously as the ceremony continues, ready and waiting for Willow to expose Robert. Willow nervously listens to the archbishop, but when the moment comes, she smiles brightly and says ‘I do.’ Liam, Eleanor and Helena look on in anger and disbelief as Willow and Robert blissfully become man and wife, and the plans for a coup are foiled.


Being around you, I've started to feel something that I haven't felt in a long time. Like I'm starting to hope again.

— Robert to Willow, before their first kiss [src]

"You'll wait for me?", "I'll wait for you."
— Willow & Robert [src]

When I first asked you to marry me, I should have got down on bended knee and told you how much I respect you, how much you inspire me, and that I can't do this without you. Any of it.
— Robert to Willow, proposing a second time [src]

"You know I love you, don't you?", "Of course I do.", "Good."
— Willow & Robert [src]

She can save you, my son...when you forget who you are, in spite of what you think you've made yourself. That's the way back for you.
— Simon to Robert, about Willow [src]