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Penelope Henstridge
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Her Royal Highness Princess Penelope of York (formerly) Her Royal Highness The Princess Penelope (currently)



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Lydia Rose Bewley


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Stand and Unfold Yourself

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We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts

Princess Penelope Hensdridge is a Princess of England and was first in line to becoming the Queen of England when her father was the King. Penelope is a daughter of Cyrus Henstridge and Veruca Popperwell, with a twin sister named Maribel Henstridge. Penelope is the niece of Helena Henstridge and Simon Henstridge and also the cousin of Robert Henstridge, Liam Henstridge and Eleanor Henstridge. Penelope is close with her cousin Eleanor seeing her as the cool older cousin and thus doing whatever Eleanor says.



Princess Penelope and her sister are described as "a little bit doopy". Princess Penelope is the best friend of her sister Maribel who don't always get along but definitely a deep rooted love for each other. Unlike Maribel, Penelope is polar opposite when it comes to her sexual life and has remained a virgin unlike her sister.

Throughout The Series[]

In Season 2, Nigel Moorefield charms Penelope and her sister Maribel to declare them unfit to rule per his plan with Queen Helena. When Penelope finds out that he has also been dating her sister she immediately assumes that he will choose Maribel over herself as her sister has become very conventionally beautiful after her operations and is also way sluttier. Moorefield tells her then that he actually likes her better which really surprises Penelope.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1


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