Passing Through Nature To Eternity is the 2nd episode of Season 3 on E! soap The Royals.

Synopsis Edit

Helena plans to secure proof; Liam begins a new but complicated relationship; Jasper and Eleanor look to the past to inspire their future.

Cast Edit



  • Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel
  • Rocky Marshall as James Hill


  • Mark Wright as Mark Wright
  • Jules Knight as Spencer Hoenigsberg
  • Christina Wolfe as Kathryn Davis
  • Miley Locke as Sara Alice Hill
  • Tom Forbes as Charlie Madden

Quotes Edit

Ever since Robbie died, you have been as selfless as anyone I've ever known. You put me first, you put Mum first, Dad's legacy – all of it. Put you first, Liam. It's OK to be happy
— Eleanor

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of James Hill's daughter, Sara
  • Liam gets together with Kathryn; who was apparently Robert's girlfriend
  • Robert is inspired by Kathryn to use the flare and be rescued
  • The Queen gets the Henstridge DNA
  • Cyrus announces on a chat show that he has cancer.