I wonder how he'll behave in this moment of uncertainty. Not before the world; but behind closed doors
— Cyrus to Liam about Robert

O, Farewell, Honest Soldier is the penultimate episode of Season 3 on E! series The Royals.

Synopsis Edit

Eleanor and Queen Helena consider romantic invitations as a Privy Council meet to determine who will reign as the one true king of England. At great risk and consequences, Jasper reveals to Liam information that presents a new mystery for the monarchy.

Cast Edit




  • Wallis Day as Angie Davis
  • Toby Sandeman as Sebastian Idrisi
  • Richard Cunningham as Jack Harper

Quotes Edit

I protected our family's image, so there might actually be a throne for you to sit on. That is, until Len did your bidding – like she always does
— Liam to Robert

Crowns are for taking. And I am taking this one!
— Robert the Uninspired

Whatever happens next is history. After that the natural order will run its course
— Robert to Helena about the decision

Trivia Edit

  • The story of the day leading up to the privy council runs concurrently with the session itself
  • Liam tries to inspire Robert to be good; Robert asks Liam to talk shit of Cyrus before the privy council.
  • Liam doesn't oblige, and Robert gives out to him, calling him an idiot, after the council.
  • Liam quotes Cyrus' words to him, to Robert, adding 'I think we know which one you are' and Robert responds it's the only way for him to become King.
  • James is charged with leaking the info Jasper took, and the two have a confrontation. James fires Jasper for not trusting him.
  • Prince Robert covers for Jasper and asks him to be his new detail, when he is crowned, as well as strike a deal for Jasper to owe him.
  • Willow tells Liam she wants their relationship going forward to be only professional.
  • Robert is crowned the new King of England.
  • Jasper tries to explain that he was protecting Eleanor, but she wants a new life and ends their relationship