Kathryn Davis is a recurring character on E! soap The Royals. She is portrayed by Christina Wolfe. She tried to be involved with both of the Henstridge brothers at the same time.

Character Edit

Kathryn works as a bartender in London. She is offered support to Liam after the mob murder of Ted Pryce. It turns out she and Liam know each other, because she used to date Robert. In spite of this, Kathryn has developed feelings for Liam and they start seeing each other. Once Robert returns, they decide to break things off, with Kathryn telling Liam to stop fighting for her. They also decide to come clean to Robert, but Liam has a hard time finding the proper moment and gets increasingly angry with his brother as Kathryn starts seeing Robert again. Kathryn tried to juggle both guys but they both eventually leave her. However, Liam seeks Kathryn out after Robert’s coronation and it is revealed that Kathryn is helping him expose Robert. Kathryn is pregnant with Liam’s child and has been abducted.