In My Heart There Was a Kind of Fighting is the 9th episode of Season 1 on E! series The Royals.


The Royal Family are trying to solve the mystery of who attempted to kill Simon. The Liam and Eleanor are exceedingly suspicious of their mother and Cyrus, but Ophelia’s father came up with a lead, a stranger who no one knows. Cyrus made a claim that the twins were not biologically Simon’s and therefore he was next in line for king, and Ophelia takes up the offer to join the big dance program in New York.


Both Eleanor and Liam watch the news. Liam in a bar, while Eleanor is at Simon’s bedside. The DNA test reveal that they are not Simon’s blood children. Eleanor returns home and calls Helena out on setting the whole thing up. Helena insists she cares about "the family's" image, but Eleanor doubts her. Eleanor continues that everything makes sense now- the attack, the paternity test, and Robert’s death. She asks if Helena killed Robert so she and Cyrus could rule together. Helena denies it and tells her to walk away. Eleanor keeps on goading her for it. Helena insists no one killed Robert because Robert killed himself. With Cyrus, he calls in Ted Pryce to check in to tell him that he’s all but dropped them from protection details and other activity. Ted sasses him as much as he can to defy him on the base that Cyrus isn’t acting king quite yet, but Cyrus makes the ceremony quick, so Ted is forced to. In Ophelia’s room, Marcus has come to collect Ophelia to take her to New York for the dance program. At the bar, Liam is as drunk and after making a fool of himself at karaoke, he sees Simon in his regal garb applauding him.

Liam asks Simon if Helena ever loved him he admits that Helena wasn’t the love of his life either, and Helena wasn’t in love with him. At the castle, Helena asks Cyrus if they went to far. Cyrus says they didn’t, but Helena still isn’t sure. Ted reports that Simon is still out and then shows them the suspect they have. Helena asks to have Simon brought home when he’s well enough. When Pryce leaves, Helena points out that the closer Simon is, the more they can monitor him. She continues, pointing out her kids hate her, and Cyrus shrugs it off. Elsewhere, Cyrus’ daughters come to the realization that now that Cyrus is acting king, they’re next in line for the throne. Downstairs, Ophelia finds Gemma and asks her to tell Liam she asked for him if he talks to her however Gemma refuses. At the hospital, Eleanor tells Simon that everything that went wrong and Liam not being there wasn’t his fault, but hers. She hallucinates Simon as well, who tells her it wasn’t her fault either.

Helena checks out the photos of the potential mystery attacker. She calls in Marcus to see what he has to say. With some pressing, Marcus profiles the suspect and Helena asks him to persue the leads alone. Helena calls Lucius to make a meeting with Nigel, an anti-monarchist. In the halls, Marcus meets up with Ophelia, she asks for help in finding him, and he says he can’t, but gives her a walkthrough on how to track his phone. In Cyrus’ room, he’s called Pryce in for updates on the case and Cyrus has to admit he was with James. At the bar, Liam expresses to his Simon that he’s guilty he says he’s not at fault. At the meeting with Helena and Nigel, Helena admits asking him to come there to deny Cyrus’ daughter’s rule. She continues that the Queen 'just may' have to be in power and Nigel can help that happen.

Ophelia checks in with her father, who isn’t happy she’s gone to New York. He’s still not happy that she’s apparently putting herself first and she still has Liam on a pedestal. At the hospital, a guard stops Eleanor from going back to Simon’s room only to find a “family only” rule has been added so she can’t come in. Cyrus was the one to start it, so she returns to the hospital to scream at him about it. She threatens him, then leaves. Pryce checks in to tell the mystery man is Brandon Boone, someone who was in Robert’s platoon in the military. At the bar, the bartender says it’s Liam’s last call, and when Liam challenges him, the bartender slugs him and Brandon Boone is apparently inside the bar, watching it all happen.

The fight continues, and when it’s over, Liam’s snapped out of it enough to find Simon gone. At the castle Cyrus' daughters, Maribel and Penelope let details about the meeting with Nigel slip. Back at the bar, Marcus has arrived to take Liam home and tell him Ophelia’s worried. At the castle again, Gemma visits Helena and the former tells the latter she should tell the truth. When Helena mentions thinking Gemma just cares about power and having lost the opportunity to have been future queen. Gemma complains everyone thinks she’s so shallow. Gemma goes on about giving the public a story about love that would possibly give them space and privacy.

That night, Liam is on the streets. He collapses and his Simon is back. Simon is cynical but more focused that Liam just needs to believe in himself. A car approaches and Simon says it’s where the plot thickens and he leaves, despite Liam calling after him. At the hospital, Eleanor goes to check on the actual Simon only to find that he’s been moved back to the palace. At the palace, Helena calls for a public announcement, but Rachel adds that people will always beed to hear the good things even in a bad situation to forgive and move on. Cyrus shows up to confront Helena about the meeting with Nigel. Helena isn’t having it and calls him out on meeting with James implying that she’d out the affair if he wasn’t careful. At the hospital, Eleanor’s Simon clarifies what the real thing had said when it came to being disappointed in her, and how it was just because he sees so much potential. Her Simon also says Robert wouldn’t have left her so drastically alone. He says she knows the answer, but has to believe it. With Liam, the driver of the car approaches. Back at the hospital, Brandon is there in the hospital elevator. He covers her mouth, then says he has information about Robert, and she’s not safe. He offers a meeting with information to come the next day and she couldn’t trust anyone. Eleanor’s skeptical, but asks if Robert killed himself. Brandon says no, he was murdered: “But how do you know?” “Because I killed him.”


William Moseley as Prince Liam
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
with Vincent Regan as King Simon
and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena

Recurring cast

Sophie Colquhoun as Gemma Kensington
Ukweli Roach as Marcus Jeffries
Hatty Preston as Princess Maribel
Lydia Rose Bewley as Princess Penelope
Andrew Bicknell as Lucius
Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel


Simon Thomas as Nigel Moorefield

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