Men like a little meat on the tail, before they shuck the lobster
— Alexandra body shames Eleanor [src]

Grand Duchess Alexandra is the mother of Helena Henstridge and the grandmother of Robert Henstridge, Liam Henstridge and Eleanor Henstridge. Through her daughter's marriage with Simon Henstridge Alexandra gained the title of 'Grand Duchess of Oxford'.


Grand Duchess Alexandra is very regal in appearance, and has a high regard for fashion. She likes to dress the title that she gained and enjoys lavish jewelry, gifting a diamond necklace to Eleanor upon her visit to the palace preceding King Simon's call for a referendum.


The Grand Duchess seems to be a stern character, using the power her daughter has given her wisely and to her advantage. She dislikes the idea of the 'abolishment of the monarchy' and wishes that Queen Helena remove such notions from King Simon's head. She and Helena do not see eye to eye on most things, and it is revealed by Helena that Alexandra forced her to charm and marry Simon so that she would become the future Queen of England. This was due to Helena's family losing their money after a run on the banks. However, the Grand Duchess is very close to her grandchildren: Eleanor; Liam; and presumably, Robert. She is referred to as "Duchie." Alexandra even gets along with Cyrus, whom enjoys her company as well. The two can be seen joking around and subtly flirting.


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