Felicity Moreno (née unknown) is a character on E! drama soap The Royals. She is portrayed by Nina Young and is introduced as the mother of Queen Willow at the end of Season 4.

Season 2 Edit

Wilhelmina 'Willow' mentions to Liam in 2x06 that her maternal grandfather is a well-respected English viscount, who practically disowned Felicity years before her birth.

It turns out that Felicity had broken off her engagement to a fellow aristocrat in order to marry an Argentine 10-goaler polo player with no noble blood. She caused quite the scandal at court, choosing to move to Argentina to raise polo horses with her new family, leaving British court behind.

Only after her father's health begin to fail, did he reconcile with Felicity as he wanted to get to know his only grandchild.

Season 4 Edit

Felicity makes an appearance in 4x10 to meet Helena ahead of their children's wedding. She is openly rude and expresses disgust with the royal family, this causes Helena to end their meeting early.

While walking past Felicity with Cyrus, Helena makes a comment about it being a nice day for a wedding. Felicity taunts Helena about Alistair Lacey and in order to not appear suspicious in front of Robert, Helena attacks her and pulls out her hair extensions. When confronted by their daughters, both women refuse to apologize. Felicity reveals that she has not been able to talk Willow out of this marriage. She asks Willow if this is what she really wants.

She is seen at the wedding holding Willow's bouquet. She stands beside her husband and just across from the royal family.