Black as His Purpose Did the Night Resemble is the 4th episode of Season 4 on E! series The Royals.


As London suffers an extended blackout, Helena is trapped in the wine cellar with her mother and Cyrus; Liam faces the consequences of using Greta; Eleanor steps up to help the populace; and a recovering Jasper is in danger.




Queen Helena: Anyone! Help!
Cyrus Henstridge: It's locked.
Queen Helena: Damn it, Cyrus! You're creepy enough in the light of day! What are you doing down here? Same as you, I assume. I came to get drunk.

Duchess Alexandra: So we're trapped?
Cyrus Henstridge: Holy shit! And you thought I was creepy.
Queen Helena: Mother! What are you doing here?
Duchess Alexandra: This is always my first stop whenever I visit the palace. I need a little bracer before I visit my disappointing daughter.
Queen Helena: I meant: what are you doing here at all? - I banished you!
Duchess Alexandra: Well, I unabashed myself.
Cyrus Henstridge: You've run out of money.
Duchess Alexandra: Shut up, Scar.

Duchess Alexandra: What would you do without me?
Queen Helena: Ooh, let's see. Have more self-confidence, sleep better, not worry about being accessory to murder.
Duchess Alexandra: Not become Queen.

Queen Helena: You need some food in that stomach. You might want to slow down there, Cyrus.
Cyrus Henstridge: To your hangover tomorrow.
Queen Helena: To us. (cheese)

Greta: My father. He has motion detectors in his office. Security cameras. He feigned sympathy, pretended to be protecting me, but I could tell. He was thrilled that, once again, I was the fool.
The simple, stupid girl who will never be good enough.
Prince Liam: Greta.
Greta: He's not wrong. I don't know why, I just I've never been interesting to boys in the way that most girls are. I know it's true. I'm aware of it, I just I just thought maybe this time you actually liked me. What I said about you is true. And I meant it.
Prince Liam: Your father's wrong. And so was I.

Queen Helena: We're a family of liars. We lie about everything. All of it.
Duchess Alexandra: What have I ever lied about?
Princess Eleanor: Um.. killing someone?
Duchess Alexandra: I never lied about it. I told the truth.

Princess Eleanor: Mum, Robby and Liam are missing. So who does that leave in charge?
Willow Moreno: You're right. Honey, where's your daddy?
Princess Eleanor: Me! It's me. I’m number four. I’m in charge!

Princess Eleanor: Those people, my people, are scared, tired and hungry…Now, Rosie, shoot the lock off.
Willow Moreno: I just think we should wait until we- (GUNSHOT)
Rosie: Always wanted to do that.
Sarah Alice: Can anyone else hear right now?
Willow Moreno: Nice going. You deafened the kid.
Princess Eleanor: Mary Alice, do you want to have a sleepover?
Sarah Alice: Sure.
Princess Eleanor: See? She's fine.

Queen Helena: What about your children?
Cyrus Henstridge: Who knows if they're even mine?
Queen Helena: Trust me, those inbreds are definitely yours.
Cyrus Henstridge: You can talk. Your first-born son is an arsehole.

Doorman: Your Majesty, apparently a Count Bellagio has arrived.
Princess Eleanor: Who?
Queen Helena: Your grandmother's boyfriend…. I suppose we'd better look presentable.


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