Hello fellow Wikians! :) My name is Audrey and I'm currently interested in adopting this wiki since all of it's administrators and bureaucrats are inactive. Let me tell you a bit about myself... I am an avid fan of The Royals and very excited for the arrival of the fifth season!

I am a bureaucrat on The CW's Gossip Girl & Dynasty Wikis and an admin on Pretty Little Liars Wiki, so I have lots of experience when it comes to communities and helping run one! :) I'm also great at designing wordmarks and backgrounds so I can give the wiki an updated background to reflect the newer seasons!

I also am planning on hosting an Admin Contest upon the completion of my adoption to help get a new team of admins based on their applications to replace the team that has fallen inactive.

Please give your opinions on my adoption here if you have any! :)

I look forward to working with all of you!

- Audrey